Our planet is getting smarter. As the planet gets smarter, demands on IT will grow.

A new era is here Information technology is changing rapidly, and now forms an invisible layer that increasingly touches every aspect of our lives. Power grids, traffic control, healthcare, water supplies, food and energy, along with most of the world's financial transactions, now depend on information technology. An emerging IT delivery model — cloud computing — can significantly reduce IT costs & complexities while improving workload optimisation and service delivery. Cloud computing is massively scalable, provides a superior user experience, and is characterised by new, internet-driven economics.

About Us

Infiniti Group Technology is a global leading IT and business services company. We are an equal opportunity employer who enable business transformation for our customers through the innovative use of technology. Our clients value our responsiveness, flexibility and authentic desire to help them meet, and often exceed, their


Infiniti Group Technology organises itself along industry sector lines because we believe that for our Consultants to know an industry well – its key players, pressures, food chain and its cycles – is as important as their ability to bring a specific skill. The sectors that we target can be found by following the links below:


If you’ve got a complex issue to deal with that’s as much about enhancing your business performance as it is about getting the right technology in place, talk to Infiniti Group Technology. Of course, we deliver the complete range of IT services that you would expect from a major player in the industry – from consulting and

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