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Infiniti Group Technology is an award winning technology and management consultancy headquartered in London with global capabilities in executing IT infrastructure and cloud change programmes. 

We work on a collaborative way with our clients to deliver a wide variety of technology projects which include:

Data Centre Migration, Cloud migration, Infrastructure provisioning and refresh, Office Set-Up, Digital Transformation, Regulatory and Compliance projects. 

We are providing specialist advisory, consultancy, technical and business services to our clients.



Infiniti Group Technology is a leading global IT services company, working with clients in the areas that impact and redefine the core of their businesses. Since its inception into the global landscape, Infiniti Group Tech focuses on ‘transformational outsourcing’, underlined by innovation and value creation, and offers integrated portfolio of services including software-led IT solutions, remote infrastructure management, engineering and R&D services and BPO. leverages its extensive global offshore infrastructure and network of offices in 10 countries to provide holistic, multi-service delivery in key industry verticals including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Consumer Services, Public Services and Healthcare. Infiniti Group Tech takes pride in its philosophy of ‘Employee First’ which empowers our transformers to create a real value for the customers.
Infiniti Group is a leading global Technology and IT Enterprise that comprises three companies- Infiniti Technology, Infiniti Invest & Infiniti Hospitality. Founded in 2000, Infiniti Group Technology is one of UK’s original garage start-ups, a pioneer of modern computing, and a global transformational enterprise today. Its range of offerings spans Product Engineering, Custom & Package Applications, BPO, IT Infrastructure Services, IT Hardware, Systems Integration, and distribution of ICT products across a wide range of focused industry verticals. Infiniti Group Technology’s team comprises professionals of diverse nationalities, who operate from 10 countries. Infiniti Group Technology has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000 firms, including leading IT and Technology firms.
Our main partners are:IBM – Logica – AMAZON Cloud- Microsoft – Intel- EDS – HP – Citrix – Cisco – SAP – Oracle – Sybase- TATA Group – Unisys

Infiniti Group Technology is one of the leading IT and business services suppliers in Europe.

We have strong positions in our core European markets – in particular, in the Nordic region, the Netherlands, France, Germany and in the UK. We have excellent relationships with large national and European companies and government departments (such as the UK Ministry of Defence, Dutch Home Affairs and the UK Crown Prosecution Service). We undertake leading-edge assignments for some of the world’s best known companies including ING, Barclays, Shell, GE, BP, Home Office, Ford, Vodafone, Deutsche Bank and Lloyds TSB.

Our committed people speak our customers’ language, we are often based in their offices or just down the road and we understand the particular local and sector environment in which they operate. Our deep industry knowledge and strong technical understanding means that we truly understand the IT and business service requirements of our customers.

Infiniti Group Technology has the scale, capability and reach to help you release your full business potential

Our complementary geographical and operational strengths combined with our strong client relationships allow us to bring our customers smart solutions from across the group and help them to take advantage of globalisation.

Infiniti Group Technology has established outsourcing and global delivery capability

Infiniti Group Technology’s delivery capability allow us to serve customers around the globe. Our global delivery model allows us to create blended teams from local and global resources with the right skills from the right places to provide best value for money at minimal risk to our customers.

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