Business Process Outsoursing

More and more, companies are finding that partnering with Infiniti Group Technology on outsourcing non-core processes can reduce overheads, improve efficiencies and help simplify strategic change.

Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) handles processes in:

  • Finance & Accounting and Procurement
  • HR & Payroll services
  • Training & Learning services
  • Document Management services

We also specialise in specific industries such as Banking & Insurance, Energy & Utilities and Telecoms customer management.

Why you can rely on Infiniti Group Technology for your BPO

  • Over 40 years of experience as an innovator in this field
  • Extensive experience in BPO with a wide range of companies and government departments in Europe, Asia and the U.S
  • Our global blended sourcing approach gives you the best combination of expertise to suit your needs
  • Leading global partners of SAP, Oracle and Agresso, so we have an in-depth understanding of back office processes and how to deliver them effectively
  • Strong track record in managing and implementing major change programmes
  • Contracts with continuous improvement measures built in to make sure the partnership works, and keeps on working