Construction & Engineering

Infiniti Group Technology works with its customers to exploit new business opportunities and to improve profitability by enabling them to build and maintain leadership positions using Infiniti Group Technology’s deep IT skills, industry knowledge and track record in successful delivery.
Infiniti Group Technology works extensively within this sector, including property development, transport and utility infrastructure, public sector projects such as schools and hospitals, and commercial and industrial construction. Our solutions are used by our clients for transforming their own businesses, and as a world class partner or sub-contractor with clients on major infrastructure projects.
Infiniti Group Technology provides a range of services that enable its clients to address the challenges that are faced by our customers. These include:
  • Process design, enterprise IT systems, change management and IT outsourcing to enable businesses to maximise cost efficiency and competitiveness
  • Systems design and risk management for large-scale long term contract delivery
  • Mobility and asset management systems for increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • Collaborative and knowledge management systems to reduce design and implementation timescales and reduce risk
  • Sustainability and CSR services to enable clients to meet their social and environment obligations
  • Innovation and technology assessment to facilitate the development of new

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