Infiniti Group Technology (IGT) can show your Cyber Security function how to enable business and win new business through thoughtful cyber risk reduction, and the implementation of easy to adopt efficiencies and operational controls using a sustainable, fit-for-purpose Target Operating Model (TOM).

Cyber Security is an inescapable challenge for businesses today. There are an ever-increasing number of ransomware cases and new mobile vulnerabilities impacting businesses of all sizes. Malicious actors (nation states, organised crime, hacktivists) are using straightforward approaches such as spear phishing, as well as deploying ever more sophisticated attacks incorporating anti-evasion techniques to avoid detection by the intended target.

Firms must also be ever vigilant as the threat from insiders, both accidental and malicious, is growing. Cyber Security and the ongoing mitigation of threats, as well as the management/control of cyber risk is now a basic and accepted cost of any successful operating model. With our unique mix of expertise, Infiniti Group Technology (IGT) has made it easy for our clients to improve their overall security posture and turn what was once an overhead cost into a valuable business proposition.

The goal of Infiniti Group Technology (IGT) via it’s proven Cyber Security practice, is to address your specific requirements and provide holistic integrated solutions that include a tailored, fit-for-purpose cyber security solution. We recognise that all companies have different appetites for risk, varying levels of cyber security controls and, sit in different positions on the cyber security maturity curve. At Infiniti Group Technology (IGT) we recognise your needs as the basis for assessing, advising, and implementing solutions that are right for your company.


Cloud security
Mobile security
Risk and compliance
Identity and access management
Digital forensics and fraud management
Data protection and privacy
Enterprise vulnerability management
Monitoring and alerts


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