The likelihood of large-scale armed conflict has today been replaced by a scenario of increasing turbulence, asymmetric warfare, and persistent unpredictable low-intensity threats, typically from an increasing number of unstructured, terrorist groups.

Information is core to achieving success across the full spectrum of these scenarios, and Network Enabled Capability places it at the heart of operational effectiveness in the 21st century. However, today’s information overload can present a problem in operational planning and in the rapid analysis of, and response to, ever-changing situations.

Infiniti Group Technology’s high reputation for Information Management covers every aspect from collection, collation, storage, security, exploitation and delivery. This end-to-end capability has been proven on many complex, large-scale programmes.

With Defence budgets continually under pressure, we understand the need to work within them. That’s why we have an enviable track record of delivering software intensive complex integration programmes, on time and to budget.