Our planet is getting smarter. As the planet gets smarter, demands on IT will grow.

A new era is here

Information technology is changing rapidly, and now forms an invisible layer that increasingly touches every aspect of our lives. Power grids, traffic control, healthcare, water supplies, food and energy, along with most of the world’s financial transactions, now depend on information technology.

An emerging IT delivery model — cloud computing — can significantly reduce IT costs & complexities while improving workload optimisation and service delivery. Cloud computing is massively scalable, provides a superior user experience, and is characterised by new, internet-driven economics.

Cloud solutions from Infiniti Group Technology

Introducing Infiniti Group Technology Smart Business cloud solutions. Whether you choose to use clouds built behind your firewall, or Infiniti Group Technology cloud, these secure workload solutions provide superior service management and new choices for deployment.

Cloud Consulting from Infiniti Group Technology

To help you capitalise on the full spectrum of cloud computing benefits, Infiniti Group Technology cloud consulting services provide the experience and proven cloud strategies you need — evaluation and readiness assessment, tailored adoption strategies, and implementation.

Cloud computing lifecycle services

Gaining access to new customers and markets, cost reduction, and the need for maximum flexibility with real-time interaction – these are major organizational issues driving the need for cloud delivery and consumption models. Cloud delivery models enable new business and IT approaches through standardizing applications, infrastructure, testing environments and business processes to improve service delivery, while realizing new levels of efficiency. The number of choices associated with cloud requires a solid business case for moving to a cloud delivery or consumption model – and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Are you bypassing the critical step of building a strategy and business case in a race to capture the benefits of cloud computing? Since cloud affects all dimensions of the enterprise, from business strategy and operating models, to technology integration and organizational transformation, it requires a solid business design and implementation roadmap. Rethink and challenge current business models, testing processes and IT strategy in order to deliver real business impact. Infiniti Group Technology can help your business decrease costs and achieve innovation through its cloud consulting portfolio.

Cloud and the Changing Role of the CIO

The role of the CIO has been changing over the last few years. And the cloud is the driving force in bringing about some of that change. The CIO has always been split between the strategic – creating value through technology – and the tactical, where the main aim is to run an efficient IT operation. This is tough for CIOs who find themselves torn between the two. However, with the advent of cloud computing, CIOs can now rent technology, rather than own it. This helps reduce costs and means products can be launched in days rather than weeks. The CIO is then free to concentrate on high-level management issues, allocating money saved to other critical areas of the business. The cloud also helps the CIO to discover ways in which all business units can work more efficiently. Through improved collaboration and easier information sharing the business has a clear and sustainable competitive advantage. Beyond that cloud-based computing can also lead the way towards improving processes, technologies and governance. While it does bring great benefits, cloud is not the whole answer. How best to use cloud will depend on the organization. But as with all new technologies, if used in the right way, it will open up chances to transform IT. Redefining the traditional CIO role.

Cloud Solutions

For many years the desktop became the tool through which users accessed content, collaborated and communicated.

Tightly controlled by the enterprise and inwardly focussed it soon became limiting, as remote working became more of the norm. However with the advent of cloud computing that’s all changed.

Suddenly your users are accessing business critical applications from anywhere and on any device in the most secure way. You’re able to rapidly scale up or down to account for application usage peaks and troughs without having to purchase expensive hardware. And you’re decreasing your capital expenditure and transferring it to operating expenditure with a pay per use model.

But, how do you go about transferring all or part of your applications from your legacy system onto a new and more empowering cloud infrastructure? As a cloud broker and integrator we’ll work with you to find the best option. We offer cloud propositions on all three levels of process, application and infrastructure. Offering advice on how to build and run your own cloud architecture with a cloud ready platform to seamlessly integrate your legacy systems. Or alternatively, providing advice on which vendor to choose.

With our back office on demand solution for areas such as payroll, HR, finance and accounting you’re:

  1. Moving work from your back office, through client processing teams, in the most efficient way
  2. Saving money through not having to pay for software licences
  3. Integrating with your legacy systems without having to migrate everything onto a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform
  4. Making use of the dynamic availability of IT to improve time to market and exploit business opportunities, fast

By focusing on people rather than processes, we’ll help you develop a sustainable business ecosystem, then build on it. Think big, start small and scale fast.