Ecosystem monitoring


The emergence of digital platforms has resulted in new technology ecosystems that deliver continual increased value to business and customers. By interlinking services and products these platforms are reshaping business models to deliver value.

Infiniti Group Technology (IGT) has the breadth and depth of experience to assist in all aspects of your digital transformation journey, whether that be evaluation, implementation, adoption, upgrade, security, optimisation, maximising tooling value, best practices and target operating model – whilst maintaining focus on the business outcomes.

Key to your journey’s success are the constantly evolving monitoring solutions that will assure the quality of service thus ensuring competitive advantage. Infiniti Group Technology (IGT) have extensive experience of successfully implementing Ecosystem Monitoring and supporting and driving value from those monitoring solutions across extensive and complex IT landscapes. This ranges from detailed knowledge of APM (Application performance monitoring) through to extensive Capacity management, Infrastructure, Network and security monitoring experience.

Constant evolution and adjustment of the digital landscape requires the flexibility to adapt and react to more frequent strategic alterations. Infiniti Group Technology (IGT) recognises that flexibility of the services you require are key to your business success at competitive rates rather than being locked into outdated service and support models.

For those client’s seeking run the business (RTB) maintenance and support of their monitoring applications, platforms and infrastructure our defined services deliver guaranteed service levels at a competitive fixed cost. Alternatively, our on-demand services provide technical skills across the portfolio of solutions available and expertise when and where they are most needed for your important change the business (CTB) activities.


Application performance monitoring (APM)
Event management (EM)
Capacity planning and management (CM)
Data analysis
IT operation analytics (ITOA)
Algorithmic intelligence and IT operations (AIOps)


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