Energising Sustainability

Energising Sustainability

Infiniti Group Technology delivers IT and business services that bring real benefits. Many of our innovative services and solutions make a positive contribution to people and the environment. We help emergency services to respond faster, we improve road, rail and air traffic control systems, and we develop emissions management and trading systems.

Infiniti Group Technology is responding actively to the challenges and opportunities around climate change, sustainability and the environment. Businesses, markets and governments will need to transition to a low carbon, sustainable way of doing business. Infiniti Group Technology’s environmental management capabilities help other businesses along this journey.

What does Sustainability mean to Infiniti Group Technology?

Infiniti Group Technology’s vision encompasses all activities of an organisation, not just some of them. We bring these together under three key headings that reflect our broad range of activities:

  • Corporate Responsibility represents the way in which we run ourselves, for ourselves.
  • Corporate Services are the means by which we operate our systems and infrastructures on behalf of our customers who use them.
  • Corporate Propositions include a wide range of innovative IT solutions that enable our customers to improve the approach to sustainability of both themselves and often their own customers too.

Energising Sustainability

For many, focus on sustainability has been a reactive exercise, forced by regulation and public opinion. In this context it has been easy to see it as a cost burden or a marketing requirement rather than a real opportunity for business improvement.

Infiniti Group Technology believes that sustainability represents a unique opportunity for organisations not just to improve the environment but also crucially to improve both the quality and performance of their business.
A proactive approach, properly energised, can

  • reduce costs
  • save energy
  • save carbon
  • save waste
  • help win new business too

As a major IT Services company, Infiniti Group Technology is ideally placed to help its customers apply the power of information technology to the challenges of sustainability. This ability is focused across the whole range of requirements. Much of it is based on what we are doing for ourselves.

How Infiniti Group Technology can help

  • We already help our customers review their sustainability approach and set their targets. Through innovative IT solutions we ensure that they can measure, monitor and comply with all their sustainability requirements. We enable them to reduce their energy, carbon consumption and waste. Finally we help them position themselves to transform their organisations in a sustainable environment.
  • In doing so, we help organizations to

    • Reduce their environmental impact
    • Reduce costs
    • Bring innovation to the Low Carbon Economy
    • Comply with environmental legislation
    • Understand their exposure to climate change risk
    • Provide services more sustainably
    • Reduce consumption of materials
    • Transform to a more sustainable operating model
    • Improve brand value

Energising Sustainability

Infiniti Group Technology walks the talk in taking the sustainable approach to its business. We have been working for several years to make our hosted services more energy efficient and achieved notable successes through our use of rack-based and free cooling. In addition to the reducing our environmental impacts and bringing benefits to our bottom line, our sustainability programme has seen us

  • achieve a top 20 ranking as green company in the UK by the Sunday Times 2 years in a row
  • be recognised as a sector leader and FTSE250 exemplar in the quality and transparency of our reporting on carbon emissions and climate risks by the Carbon Disclosure Project and by Vigeo
  • be ranked in the top 15 greenest outsourcers globally 3 years in a row
  • improved and widened our ISO14001 and UVDB Achilles accreditation

We have continued to set ourselves tough targets of achievement, aiming to reduce our carbon emissions by 50% by 2020, as well as reducing waste, energy and water.

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