Infrastructure Management and It Set up for new offices

Infrastructure Management and IT SET UP FOR NEW OFFICES

Thanks to today’s increasingly complex technology, unpredictable workloads and business change, high management costs and regulatory demands, looking after infrastructure can be a major headache for IT departments. We take on any or all of the burden for them through the most appropriate or cost-effective of our global network of shared service centres.

The results with Infiniti Group Technology are undeniable: profitability, flexibility and competitiveness.

Wherever you are, our network of technicians and specialists can help you simplify the complex task of supporting your IT environment. We understand the role your infrastructure plays in meeting your business needs, and we are dedicated to your success.

Setting up or moving to a new office?

    We can help you plan and setup your new office IT infrastructure during this busy period. Having helped setup numerous new offices, you can trust our experienced team with all your IT needs.


  • Server Setup & Configuration
  • Desktop and Laptop, Tablet Setup & Configuration
  • Printers & Copiers Setup & Configuration
  • Setup of Office Network & Internet Access
  • Setup of Communications Systems – Telephones, Video Conference & AV Equipment
  • Setup of Mobile Devices including Blackberry, iPhones & smart-phones etc
  • Professional IT Consultation
  • Technology Procurement – Assist/advise in purchasing equipment, software and services; evaluating and qualifying vendors
  • Backup Strategy and Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Asset Management & Documentation


  • A robust infrastructure that provides the level of availability and response necessary in a global business environment
  • No singular accountability for performance with different infrastructure and application vendors

WHAT Infiniti Group Technology PROVIDES

Infiniti Group Technology can address your enterprise’s IT infrastructure needs through the following offerings:

  • Maintenance and Technical Support
  • ‘Business Effective Infrastructure’ Readiness Assessment
  • IT Service Desk
  • Data Center Management
  • End User Computing Services
  • Database Services
  • Application Management Services
  • Command Center Services
  • Managed Security Services


  • High availability, responsiveness and adequacy of IT infrastructure
  • Singular accountability for business performance with Infiniti Group Technology’ integrated IT Services & IT Infrastructure capabilities.

Why you can rely on Infiniti Group Technology for your Infrastructure Management

  • Years of experience in planning and implementing complex technical projects
  • An unrivalled ability to recommend and implement cost-effective upgrades to achieve your objectives
  • Customer support committed to fast incident response and early restoration of service
  • End-to-end management including third party elements such as telecoms
  • A combination of advanced technology, blended sourcing, global delivery from shared service centres and innovativefinancing means no exceptional front-end cost and the lowest possible ongoing financial commitment.


Maintenance and Technical Support Services

It doesn’t matter whether your infrastructure is IBM technology-based or built on hardware and software from numerous vendors. Wherever you are, our network of technicians and specialists can help you simplify the complex task of supporting your IT environment. We understand the role your infrastructure plays in meeting your business needs, and we are dedicated to your success.

  • Delivering a portfolio of intrastructure services
    From basic problem fixes to proactive availability management, we can tap into our comprehensive range of support services to deliver what your organisation needs.
  • Simplifying IT support
    We offer an integrated approach that provides you with a single point of contact and accountability across your complex environment.
  • Resolving issues more quickly
    We provide end-to-end, proactive support, including fast, direct access to our experts. The result? Faster problem resolution.

Infiniti Group Technology support technicians deliver industry-leading levels of knowledge and expertise to our clients. Our proven ability to manage complex multivendor environments has won industry praise. Technical support delivery may be through traditional means, or by new and inventive methods such as virtual and automated support capabilities.

Virtualisation Services

IT departments are being pressured to reduce costs, which has equated to doing more for less. Many companies have turned to virtualisation to meet their IT challenges, helping them meet business drivers and objectives efficiently but more importantly with ease and at a reduced cost.

Through the ability to host several operating systems and applications, virtualisation positions itself to improve utilisation, availability, system management – whilst reducing IT costs. In a virtualised environment, less time is spent on testing and deployment of applications, and less hardware is needed resulting in reduced management and administration; which in turn allows the IT function within a business to become more strategic, flexible and easier to manage.

To ensure true business benefit we carefully consider the impact areas of virtualisation:

-Integration of existing systems (Functionality and Advantages)
-Power & Cooling
-Operational changes (Processes, Management)
-Return on Investment (ROI)

Infiniti Group Tech prides itself as a experienced and accredited partner within virtualisation, working closely with leading vendors. We can deliver cost effective and scaleable virtualised architectures tailored to meet your specific business needs. We hold highly acclaimed accreditations with key vendors, which our consultants uphold through training and field experience.

We have strategically committed ourselves to virtualisation technologies since their introduction to the market, and are certain virtualised environments can provide huge benefits.

Storage and Back ups Services

  • The pressure of meeting compliance regulations and aligning data security with global legislation, coupled with the need to ensure the accessibility and availability of data from multiple locations can become a burden within an IT department.

    Defining the correct solution for your business is often a challenge and time consuming – Finding the correct partner who is credible and commercially aware is important to the success of your business growth and security.

    We know the stakes are high when designing a storage & backup strategy for an organisation’s data, ensuring we include adequate capacity, durable performance and continuous access whilst ensuring no data loss.

    Infiniti Group Technology has been deploying pioneering storage and data management solutions for over 10 years, bespoke to meet your specific business growth plans. Our vendor-agnostic service provides you with skilled consultants to advise and deliver storage solutions using industry leading technologies. Infiniti Group Tech will help you select the correct storage solution, ranging from an enterprise level storage area network (SAN) through to entry level shared storage.

Networking and Security Services

  • The availability of seamless, secure communication is paramount, as it underpins the health and growth of your organisation. Transputec have extensive expertise in the planning and deployment of Network solutions; bespoke to meet your business needs.

    Ensuring your business is protected from the many threats which can expose a business to both external and internal security breaches is vital in today’s competitive market; given that the reputational and financial consequences incurred with data loss or theft can impact the survival of a business.

    Our range of Network and Security services includes:

    -WAN/ LAN (wired & wireless) – Planning, Design & Implementation
    -Wide Area File Services (WAFS) – Planning, Design & Implementation
    -Wireless Surveys & Testing
    -WAN/ LAN Optimisation – Traffic Analysis, Compression, Quality of Service (QoS)
    -Security Audits – Penetration Testing, Information & Data Control Testing

    Infiniti Group Tech’s methodology focuses on the design of a network and its security needs. We aim to build a layer of intelligence a business requires to help structure a network to concentrate on existing and future challenges.

    Regardless of the size, structure or complexity of your network and security requirements – Infiniti Group Tech, accompanied by our excellent vendor relationships, are a partner offering the industry experience and technological knowledge to help meet your business challenges.

Business Continuity and Disater Recovery Services

  • An organisations dependency on its IT services means that planning ahead and protecting your assets is now a necessity. Disasters, such as flood, fire, sabotage and terrorist activities, resulting in a prolonged outage of service and/ or data loss will have a massive effect on a business’s ability to continue operating.

    The main challenge when defining a business continuity strategy for your business is the diligence to determine what critical functions and processes are required to keep the business operational and to what level to limit the impact to the business in the event of a disaster scenario. Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services include:

    -Risk and Business Impact Assessments
    -Business Continuity Strategy & Planning
    -Disaster Recovery Planning & Solution Implementation

    Our experience in this field and accreditations with all major vendors enables Infiniti Group Tech to propose Disaster Recovery solutions scaled to meet the needs of your business; using leading technologies and industry best practices.

Desktop Architecture Services

  • There are numerous technologies and approaches in existence to deliver an organisation’s end-user computing needs. Traditional desktops (Thick Clients), thin clients and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) are all viable options and have their own set of benefits and challenges, so finding the ideal for your business is often a question that has no easy answer. Desktop computing needs are prone to be very different from other IT demands within an organisation, as they fluctuate between each department and user-to-user.

    Recent approaches to desktop architecture address the problems of conventional “thick” client architecture by using a centralised model in which applications and operating systems are delivered as services to users on any device. This provides IT departments the flexibility to provide a safe and controlled user environment and deliver the services that are relevant to individual users – which contributes to the reduction of overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Calculate your savings with Virtual Desktop –

    Delivering desktop solutions for over 20 years has enabled us to gain an insight to various architectures, environments and user requisites. Infiniti Group Tech’s consultants will work with you to establish the right choice of desktop architecture to meet your present and future business needs.

    Whichever architecture you choose, infiniti Group Tech has the skilled experts who will work with you to design, implement and support your chosen mode – accompanied by our extensive vendor and industry accreditations our aim is to provide you a solution that will meet your precise need.

Application Development Services

  • Our development teams consist of specialist’s in the Microsoft arena; we are experts in .net technologies. All of our development teams have multiple skills which enable them to create ingenious and innovative applications.

    Supplementing our teams in London, our offices in India supply backup support and additional resource to the team. This arrangement represents an ideal configuration for application development environment whilst maintaining the highest level of professionalism and optimal cost.

    Where skills are not available internally, Transputec have strategic relationships with contractual staff focused in specific areas such as Websphere, Lotus notes, Oracle and SAP.

Infrastructure Management Services

  • Infiniti Group Tech provide a comprehensive range of Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) which result in cost-effective, highly available, reliable and scalable environments which deliver the maximum return on your IT infrastructure investments.
    We will operate all, or part of, your IT infrastructure from whichever location it resides in; whether that be your own premises, 3rd party data centres or from a Transputec managed data centre – whichever proves most cost effective to you.

    Remote Managed Services:
    -Performance & Availability Monitoring
    -Device Management
    -File Restoration Services
    -Operating System Management
    -Security Management
    On-site Services:
    -Backup Management & Routine Maintenance
    -Hardware Maintenance

Service Desk

  • Infiniti Group Tech provides a fully ITIL compliant Service Desk, which is personalised for each customer. We will even operate your existing IT Service Management software tools if required to integrate with existing IT operations and we’re happy to transfer your staff, under TUPE conditions, to our team to ensure service continuity and knowledge retention.
    Our service is agile and flexible to adapt to our clients’ needs. We have years of experience delivering reliable, scalable Service Desk solutions. Our goal is to enable our clients to free themselves from day to day service operations and to deliver quality and value back both in terms of cost savings and Continuous Service Improvement.
    Our dynamic pool of resources allows clients to leverage our diverse skills which range from simple desktop incident resolution to complex LAN/ WAN and Infrastructure troubleshooting.

    We offer a wide range of service options, from ad-hoc token based service calls through to a full managed service.

Desktop Management Services

  • The challenge of managing a desktop environment to keep pace with changes in technologies and business needs is time consuming, expensive and relentless. Changes to the environment (such as Windows Live Updates) can cause massive disruption if not managed well and the inability to quickly resolve faults with Client hardware and software will result in loss of end-user satisfaction and productivity.
    Irrespective of the organisation’s size and number of users, the effective and efficient delivery of desktop support is essential to its continued success.

Application Management Services

  • All our teams are fully qualified Microsoft specialists with multiple accreditations and have the ability to provide support to many “off the shelf applications” as well as first and second level of support on “bespoke” applications with some level of handover training from the client.
    Areas of expertise. All Microsoft technologies, including all .net development ( SQL , vb ) , c++, java, and web sphere. Linux support is also provided where required.

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