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Current Business Opportunities

The United Kingdom of Morocco has undergone intense economic growth in the past 15 years. During this time, a convenient infrastructure was built, private consumption grew and a competitive work force emerged. Morocco’s stock market has climbed fivefold over the past two years, and efforts are under way to create an emerging market that will cater to younger companies.
The government is also driving efforts and encouraging companies to adopt new innovations, a shift that has been evolving for the past five years with the country’s commitment to moving from a low cost supply of labor to a more value-added services economy. Innovation and the creation of Moroccan brands are key focal points.

Infiniti’s mission is to play an active and influential role in this forward movement. Infiniti’s many cross border funds proactively support and spur these initiatives both in and outside of Morocco.

Infiniti Group Technology is proud to serve as the hub for technology, innovation and cooperation as well as international investment opportunities in Morocco, Africa and UK.

Infiniti Group Technology focuses on creating mutually beneficial relationships that combine ingenuity in the Technology industry with the Moroccan business acumen and its fast growing market. Infiniti helps companies seeking to enhance their existing business activities in Morocco, Africa and UK.

Infiniti looks for Moroccan and African operational enterprises that display well established entrepreneurial, sales and production skills, and which are seeking cutting-edge technology and knowhow.

Our management team Led by our Chief Executive Officer Mr Hassan Bencheikh, located in the UK, consists of talented and globally connected professionals who have extensive experience in Technology investment, management, private equity, venture capital and incubation. Our team leverages its knowledge, connections, network and support to assist our partners and portfolio companies in seizing new opportunities in Morocco for substantial growth.

Our credibility and reputation have enabled us to establish vital and trusting relationships with the authorities and business community in Morocco and UK, which continue to open investment and development opportunities.

Our added value to investors and portfolio companies lies in being able to offer our knowledge, network and experience of each culture and capitalize on this strength. We are able to recognize the numerous opportunities that exist in the expanding Moroccan and African economy and our multicultural British/Moroccan team consistently helps to create the success stories that are our hallmark.

At Infiniti Group Technology, we strongly believe in the concept of “giving back”. We are committed to actively engaging with the communities within which we operate and respond to their growing needs and concerns. Community relations and social responsibility are essential components in the way we conduct business.

We have committed to the following project and we are currently looking for investors

Data centers last year consumed something like $23 billion worldwide on electricity. And that’s increasing by about 15 percent each year, according to reports.
On the up side, however, power-hungry data centers are slowly becoming more intelligent and controllable beasts. That’s in large part because suppliers of data center solutions are paying more attention to the energy and environmental costs of these animals and providing solutions to tame them.

Infiniti Group Technology is seeking investors or Partners for the realisation of the most secure data centre and managed services in the world. This data Centre will be located in Morocco and will be based on Solar and renewable energy sources .

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