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Infiniti Group Technology’s CEOs

Mr Hassan Bencheikh announced that the company is currently exploring the possibility of launching it’s first African Regional Office in Casablanca Financial Centre in the…

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Greener IT across the enterprise

Infiniti Group Technology’s CEO Mr Hassan Bencheikh announced today As everything becomes more intelligent and interconnected, addressing energy and environment challenges requires innovative technology and…

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An information infrastructure

is comprised of software, servers, storage, and networks, integrated and optimized to deliver timely, secure, and trusted information throughout the organization and to its customers…

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Why Infiniti Group Technology for information infrastructure

With the explosive growth in data and information – coupled with demands for projects with rapid ROI – IT infrastructures and storage administrators are reaching a breaking point. Changes are needed to manage information availability, security, regulatory, and compliance requirements on a tighter budget. Infiniti Group Technology can help.

And because the health of any business often depends on its ability to take advantage of information in real time; a sound, intelligent information infrastructure becomes critical to supporting new growth initiatives.

Infiniti Group Technology offers an innovative approach to help you manage information growth more effectively and mitigate risks with a dynamic infrastructure that efficiently and securely stores and protects information, and optimizes information access.

Control, protect, manage and gain new intelligence from your information with Infiniti Group Technology’s leading-edge Information Infrastructure products, services and integrated solutions, supported by world-class expertise and access to top experts from around the world.

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