With an experienced team of professionals – including biomedical engineers, computational chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, physicians, validation specialists, IT architects and management consultants – Infiniti Group Technology understands your business objectives and helps you achieve and exceed them.

What Infiniti Group Technology Provides

Comprehensive strategy for creating efficiency at every stage of your operations, which may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Accelerated drug development
  • Reduced clinical trial costs
  • Integrated care delivery networks
  • Re-evaluation of safety standards

We are working with our clients right across the value chain, from the specialist areas of research and development and clinical trials, through expertise in optimising pharmaceutical and other manufacturing systems, to CRM and marketing services. Applying new technologies to achieve peak manufacturing efficiency and deliver business advantage is of vital importance, and we support business-case led adoption of RFID and wireless technologies to improve manufacturing and distribution processes. Efficient administration is also necessary to reduce costs and we offer advanced planning and scheduling capabilities as well as managing business processes such as HR/Payroll and Total Invoice Management on behalf of our clients. Our specialist life sciences teams, combined with the overall services portfolio and international presence of Infiniti Group Technology make us unique in this field.