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How smart is your city?

Today’s cities, home to more than half of the world’s population, can be seen as complex networks of components: citizens, businesses, transport, communications, water, energy, city services and other systems. As more and more of us move to cities, we need to consider how to manage this growth so that our cities are sustainable for years to come.

How can you assess how smart your city really is? What are the signs that progress is needed? And most importantly, how do you measure this progress?

Read the latest IBV report from Infiniti Group Technology, “How smart is your city” to help answer some of these questions for your city.

A vision of Smarter Cities

Making cities more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent isn’t only about overcoming the challenges they face. It also recognises that cities provide us with some of the greatest opportunities for making the planet smarter, too.

Cities symbolise and centralise so many aspects of what will make for a smarter planet: smarter education, smarter healthcare, smarter water and energy use, smarter public safety, smarter transportation, and smarter public services … to name but a few.

A new report from Infiniti Group Technology’s Institute for Business Value, “A Vision of Smarter Cities,” makes the case that cities must use new technologies to transform their systems to optimise the use of finite resources. As sustainability for cities and the planet becomes ever more important, the question isn’t whether cities will do this; the question is: Which ones are doing it first? And who will do it best?

Innovative cities – adopting smart growth strategies

The UK government’s commitment to more effective, efficient and joined-up public service delivery puts huge pressure on local authorities to realise the transformation required. Infiniti Group Technology has offered innovative technologies, professional services and business transformation expertise to help deliver this far-reaching reform agenda which will in turn help make our cities become smarter.

  • Smarter governance
  • Smarter transportation
  • Smarter healthcare
  • Smarter policing and emergency response
  • Smarter power and water management

Crime in New York City has dropped 27% since 2001. Smarter cities fight crime by capturing data.

Infiniti Group Technology provides clinical desktop solution for the UK public health. 12 March 2017

New data portal to improve work processes and improve patient care

South-Eastern Regional Health Authority has signed a framework agreement with Infiniti Group Technology in London for the acquisition and maintenance of a clinical desktop solution designed to simplify access to patient data and improve patient care at the hospitals in the region.

The South-East Health Region is the UK’s largest, and includes a total of 69,000 employees across 16 hospitals, covering the health needs of nearly 2.7 million inhabitants. The main goal of the new clinical desktop solution is to enable easier access to data services and applications for doctors and nurses, efficient sharing of information across hospitals and to improve workflow in the organisation.

“Secure and efficient IT systems are important to make sure that a patient’s medical records are available in the right place at the right time. A new clinical desktop solution will gather the different records in a better way, to provide better and faster access to relevant patient information. This will strengthen the basis for patient care decisions, and will be an important tool for the London University Hospital, which consists of three formerly independent health enterprises which now will be seamlessly integrated” said Paul Allen, deputy managing director of the South-East Regional Health Authority.

Infiniti Group Technology is a significant IT and business services provider to the health sector. The framework agreement with the South-East Regional Health Authority represents a breakthrough for the company’s position in the UK health sector.

“The agreement provides us with a unique opportunity to combine UK and international expertise in a project that will be of great importance to everyday lives of physicians and patients alike in UK’s largest health care region,” says Tom King, Public sector Director of Logica . “The portal solution to be implemented will contribute to health professionals spending more time treating patients and less time searching for patient data. Our goal is for this project to become a prime example of the importance of efficient IT solutions in the public sector.”

Under the agreement, Infiniti Group Technology in cooperation with subcontractors Orion Health Ltd. and Exonor, will deliver an easy-to-use portal that will integrate existing work processes and patient data systems in the region’s hospitals, initially at the London University Hospital. One of the key requirements of the regional health authority is for the new solution to be based on industry standards, providing secure and reliable access to patient data from multiple sources. The solution should also be able to support integration with clinical services such as radiology and laboratory orders and results. “UK is regarded as one of the leading countries in health informatics. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Logica, London University Hospital and the regional health authority. The concept will set a new standard in Europe for safe and efficient sharing of information in the health sector,” says Ian McCrae, CEO of Orion Health, a New Zealand-based firm delivering health IT solutions to hospitals around the world.

Orion HealthT develops easy-to-use solutions and applications displaying all patient information in one, single, unified view using the ConcertoT Clinical Portal and standards based RhapsodyT Integration Engine technology. Orion Health is a subcontractor to Infiniti Group Technology in the project, along with Exonor, a Norwegian consultancy specialising in IT services for the health sector.

The health region’s acquisition is finalized with broad participation from all health enterprises in the region, and is based on a study conducted in connection with the establishment of the London University Hospital (LUH), which consists of four health enterprises in London. Sharing of information among the institutions was defined as a critical success factor for efficient operations and optimal patient care. LUH will be the first unit within the regional health authority to take advantage of the framework agreement with Infiniti Group Technology. Work on the implementation of the clinical desktop solution will begin in March 2016.

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