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Infiniti Group Technology

Infiniti Group Technology is a global leading IT and business services company. We are an equal opportunity employer who enable business transformation for our customers through the innovative use of technology. Our clients value our responsiveness, flexibility and authentic desire to help them meet, and often exceed, their goals. They benefit from our balanced view of strategy, people, process and technology, as well as the stability and innovation that comes with Infiniti Group Technology.Equipped with extensive industry, technology and delivery capabilities, we work with you to provide solutions and services that address strategic & operational challenges, optimize business performance, align technology with the business priorities, reduce cost, improve margins, and constantly sharpen competitive advantage. We have invested in a rich set of solution offerings, assets and accelerators to increase ROI and decrease time-to-value of your business and IT programs.
Having the right information about your customers in order to understand and respond rapidly to their changing shopping behaviours is now a given; having the right information to enable you to keep your core processes effective and lean across often huge real estates is fundamental to protecting or enhancing margins.
Optimising your supply chain to meet the demands of global sourcing,
e-commerce fulfilment, shorter product lead-times, and promotional activities is a continuous challenge.
The online channel is becoming ever more important to retailers and those that can provide a seamless multi-channel shopping experience are able to offer their customers more choice and convenience resulting in greater market share.
Infiniti Group Technology’s focus in the retail sector is based on five dimensions: know-how, service, solid blended outsourcing models, a good track record and low risk in implementing improvements.
Know-how in core retail processes such as supply chain and warehousing by employing consultants who have held senior roles in blue chip retail organisations and can therefore bring real life domain knowledge to our services
Service by taking responsibility for and transforming current IT applications and infrastructure for clients and managing these through the whole lifecycle.
Blended Outsourcing Models for both IT and other business processes by having the breadth and ability to provide the most appropriate balance of costs and location to maintain premier service at low cost
A good track record of technical innovation in retail, especially RFID, mobile and wireless solutions
Low risk in implementing improvements, delivering to promise and minimising disruption to your most vital supply chain and distribution operations

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