Space offers solutions to many of the world’s most interesting and pressing problems, for example:
  • Monitoring the planet’s health
  • Enabling satcomms in remote areas and on the move
  • Delivering television to homes across the globe
  • Positioning ourselves, our vehicles and our assets precisely anywhere in the world
  • Searching for life beyond the earth, for the very origins of the universe
  • Supporting our Defence sector
Space systems are increasingly complex, relying more and more on software-based intelligence to ensure success. These software solutions have to: be secure, cope with complex technical environments, work first time, be ultra-reliable and be delivered on time.

Why you can rely on Infiniti Group Technology for your space projects

  • We understand the space business
  • We help customers build competitive advantage through innovative, secure and cost-effective solutions
  • Wide experience with major industry players
  • Our software supports the missions of more than a third of the world’s 600-plus operational satellites
  • Our powerful combination of Industry experts, advanced technology and blended delivery

Let Me Help You Overshoot Your Goals in the Right Ways.

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